Shiny Homes Cleaning Services is a small business
Support small business that’s cool. So you are cool, too 😊

We understand that people, families and clients of the commercial sector have different thoughts and needs so we personalise the plan for You. We offer wide options for You, based on what is the best for your family or your business. You can choose from 
  • One Off clean
  • Contract clean as daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly visits
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Standard cleaning
  • End of tenancy
  • One more thing. We Love Pets.
We have available places for private residences and commercial buildings such as Schools, Offices, Shops, Salons Airbnbs, HMOs and Student accommodations as well. 

Shiny Homes Cleaning Services provides excellent cleaning services in domestic and commercial markets. With more than a decade experience, trained staff support You to achieve Our goals, presentable, beautiful Homes and healthy Workplaces. What makes us special is beyond the training. Professionalism from heart. Trustworthy People.
We take pride of Our work. Cleaning is more, than just take the sweep and the dust pan. Cleaning is maintenance for our mental health, therefore you feel much better, you have more energy to focus on yourself, your life, your family, your carrier. Cleaning is also important for your physical wellbeing. It is just like getting a new haircut by your hairdresser/barber. You feel fresh, put a smile on your face. A nice tidy, clean house is beautiful, feels good to be there. Or a clean, organised office, helps you focus on Your job.


Provide tailored solutions for businesses to grow. Expert advice from experienced consultants to help reach goals. #consulting #businessgrowth

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning service: Professional cleaners provide deep cleans of offices, restaurants, retail shops, schools & more. Receive sparkling & sanitized spaces with our customized services! #shinyoffice #shinyhomes #manchester

Domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaning service: trust us to keep your home clean and fresh. Professional staff, customized cleaning plans, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contract cleaning

Professional contract cleaning services to keep your property spotless. We help you save time and money with our quality, reliable services.


Consulting: Get expert advice and guidance to help your business succeed. We offer personalized strategies tailored to your needs.


Commercial Cleaning: Expert, reliable cleaning services for businesses. Save time & energy while leaving a lasting impression with clients.


Domestic Cleaning provides hassle-free cleaning services for busy households. Professional cleaners help keep your home clean and organized, freeing up your time to focus on more important things. Family and Fun. Also, we are pet friendly #cleaningservices #timeforsomethingnew #lovepetsathome


Professional hospitality cleaning services offering deep cleaning to maintain a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment for guests. Our services ensure the highest standards for a pleasant stay. #Airbnbs

Do I need to describe the property I want to get cleaned?

Yes. If you describe the type of your property and the type of cleaning you requested that helps to give you a fair estimated price and we can work with the time as well. For instance: Hi, I have a 3 bedroom house with a big kitchen and 2 bathrooms one-off standard cleaning.
If you just inquiry about it, we will kindly ask you about the property and the frequency of the cleaning.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. Planning our days helps us to keep up the good work. Also, it helps you to get other plans around the day of the visit. 

Do I have to pay deposit?

A deposit is required. It is 30-50% of your estimated bill. Need to be transferred to our bank account or cash the day of the booking but at least 3 days in advance of the visit.

Commercial partners can pay on an agreed payday due to their company’s finance department.

Do I need to provide cleaning products or tools?

No. Thank you, though 😊. We prefer using our products and tools. 

I have a pet at home, don't need to close him/her away?

Not necessary. We love pets, they should enjoy their home. However, if you think your pet can get uneasy,  for their and our safety we should be separated from them.